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DIN Rail Power Supplies - AD-DC, Slim & High Efficiency and UPS

(AC to DC) DIN Rail Power Supplies


MDR Series - 10W to 96W Miniature Single Output DIN Rail Power Supply (AC-DC)

DR Series (w/Isolation) - 15W to 100W Isolation Class II DIN Rail Power Supply (AC-DC)
DR Series - 45W to 480W Single Output DIN Rail Power Supply (AC-DC)
DRT Series - 120W to 960W High Input Voltage DIN Rail Power Supply (AC-DC)

(AC to DC) Slim and High Efficiency DIN Rail Power Supply

WDR Series - 120W to 480W Slim and Wide Input Range (Single & Two Phase Wide Input Range)

DIN Rail Un-interrupted Power Supply (UPS)

DR-UPS40 - 40A DC UPS Module
SUA500PDRI-S - APC DIN Rail Mount UPS with Standard Battery 500VA / 230VAC
ATX Power Supplies - Redundant / Specialized / DC-DC / Open Frame

Redundant Power


RP8450 - 450W ATX with 3 power modules

RP8480 - 480W ATX with 3 power modules
RP8500 - 500W ATX with 2 power modules

Slim Form-Factor

SP-P1400-PFC - 400W 1U ATX
SP-P1250-PFC - 250W 1U ATX

-48V DC

SP-P4550DC - 550W -48VDC DC-DC ATX RP9400DC - 400W -48V DC-DC ATX redundant
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